Learn to Be Their Hero

Kick Ass and Hit Girl

I run two businesses. I love the idea of what I do in both. At Copy W/ Savvy, I get to help businesses tell their stories to inspire buying. At Legal Shield, I get to protect everyone I know with access to top law firms for an outrageously low cost. I can’t lose right? Well actually, I can and big – it turns out – if my prospects don’t like me.

I just started reading Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Red Book of Selling, and he credits one simple concept as the single the most powerful question in my prospect minds. “Do I like that guy?” If their answer is “Yes”, I get to keep moving forward with the sale. If it’s “No” then all bets are off.

Their decision means everything.

In terms telling your story to your prospects, this concept is important to keep in mind.

It’s a good idea – No it’s a great idea – to know just what makes you a likeable hero in your prospects’ eyes. In other words – all of us need to learn how be the story we want to tell in the first place.  Once we figure that out, we need to keep repeating that story every single day.

It’s always good to have a way with words when trying to explain yourself to a new prospect. Even better is having a genuine story to tell where you’re the hero everyone, upon meeting you, instantly cheers on to success.

Now there’s a movie ticket I’d buy.

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