My Story-Filled Walk Along a Kickass Greenway

This Blue Heron (center) made for a nice twist to the story of my walk yesterday along the Little Sugar Creek Greenway. I took this shot from underneath Morehead Street facing towards The Metropolitan. Apparently Blue Herons spend a lot of time along this stretch of Little Sugar Creek. Click photo to enlarge.

If you’re in Charlotte and you’ve yet to use the Little Sugar Creek Greenway along Kings Road – you’re not only missing an awesome Greenway but a beautifully told story.

Until recently I’d been among those missing out. But I’ve used it twice within a week and both times I paused, not only to take in the wonderfully engineered scenery along what was once a concrete-capped setting under brick-and-mortar businesses, but to read the strategically placed storytelling along the way. In the form of green signage, this greenway told me a very meaningful story that made me appreciate the place where I stood all the more. Here’s a few ways this Greenway unfolded its plot:

  • It used to be ugly. Before, during and after construction pictures literally unfolded the drama that change had imposed on this stretch of land. In one picture there’s a McDonalds. Beside it is a photo of the same plot as it appears today – an uncapped, thriving eco-system with a Greenway that’s safely connecting communities. What a meaningful contrast! Well done.
  • Environment benefit 1. One green panel explains the choice of greenery planted along the stream and it’s benefits to run-off.
  • Environment benefit 2. Another panel is saved extolls the benefit restoring this flood plain has to our local water supply.
  • Encore – Free Birdwatching! Encountering the four geese and the Blue Heron made for nice, unexpected story twists. Sure Parks and Rec didn’t place these birds here. But nuturing their likely habitat sure was a nice touch. 😉

This form of storytelling via signage evoked a visceral effect that I couldn’t deny. Bit by bit as I passed each green sign, I was told another piece to the story of why this stretch of the Little Sugar Creek Greenway was restored, with great effort, just for me. Needless to say I was truely excited fo receive such a wonderful experience. This walk was the highlight to my day! 

Kudos to Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation for authoring such an enjoyable experience, just to tell me their story of this Kickass Greenway along Kings Road!

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