A Short But Serious Word With My Past

I’m only giving myself 10 mins to write this. Because I need to get this out of my system, ship it, and then move on.

In a nutshell as I look back on the on the first 21 years of my adult life, I’ve been lame. So if you’ve ever known me to be in the picture and then suddenly gone without a trace. I want you to know that, first of all it’s not because I don’t care. The truth is that I care deeply for everyone who’s ever truly called themselves my friend, yet I’ve lacked the focus to keep in touch.

Now I know for a lot people I’ve known in the past, time and distances have perhaps faded our connections. That certainly happens. But some of you, my friends, came into my life and reminded me of something – a part of me I was afraid to face. Your life example frightened me. So I brushed you off and ignored you. There’s nothing Kickass about passing over such wonderful connections because of self-loathing. But that’s my honest story. Though it was never my intention to leave you hanging, I totally get the results are still the same.

Today, mark these words. I’m turning over a new leaf.

To all of you who’ve ever challenged me with your love, your drive, your ambition, your competence, I apologize for ignoring your kindness. From this day on, I will be focused and never abandon the promise of your honest and true friendship again.

Finally, I understand that for many relationships the damage may in fact be done and irreparable. But for all of you who are willing, I hope you’ll join me and allow our friendships new places in your hearts to be restored and renewed!

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