#ThePPL Let’s Us All Join the #DNC2012 Story

Participants at the PPL watch as Amy Goodman accounts from her many experiences as a Democracy Now reporter at The PPL for her book launch for “The Silenced Majority.”

I’m flooded with emotion right now for how awesome it feels is be a part of history here in Charlotte. For those who don’t know, DNC2012 is here and it’s an amazing time!

Particularly eventful, has been my short time as a volunteer for a cool event called The PPL, the convention’s go to destination for bloggers visiting the city. Among the many offerings, the PPL is providing a low-cost credential with access to 20,000 square-feet of co-working space with internet access – along with several panel discussions with prominent figures like Arianna Huffington. What’s most cool is that I’m seeing the convergence of national outlets like TechCrunch, Ustream, Netroots Nation and Democracy Now utilize this event. A few examples of this: Monday’s events at the PPL will be broadcasted on Ustream’s main page. Starting Tuesday, Democracy Now will broadcasting its daily news show the rest of the week. I got the chance to have a nice talk with their Sr. Producer Mike Burke and almost go to escort Amy Goodman to coffee.  Players, real news makers like Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin are in the same room as well!

As a news junkie, I can’t begin to tell the world how lucky I feel here – so close to it all and with such intimate access. As for the PPL’s impact on Charlotte – I applaud the players, the start-up extraordinaires, the entrepreneurs who made The PPL happen. I believe they’ve sparked an idea that’s going to bring national recognition to my city as great start-up destination. I can’t tell you how proud I am to be associated with this history-making story, one that’s personally very local, set on a national stage. Right now I’m hearing from Amy Goodman on how good journalism is done. She just said that a journalist’s job is to be in the corporate suites of the convention to follow the money trails, but also in the streets outside the convention hall to profile what’s going on with all the “uninvited guests.” I’m getting to hear powerful statements like that. Wow and you can too if you’re here in Charlotte this week.

Anyone interested in learning about great stories, sharing great stories and being a part of great stories needs to be sure to stop by this media haven for bloggers.

As for me, I’ll be here as much as possible because I know I’m very privileged to in the midst of a local start up called The PPL, an event that’s made it possible for me to get up from the sidelines and join the story! Everyone here to cover the DNC should check it out.


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