“Why Am I at @Starbucks?” #3: Doing Petal 1

Before you find your way, you have to find yourself – Something I came up with while sitting at Starbucks (but I’m probably recalling something I’ve heard before).

I am at this Starbucks for it’s minimalist decor and laid back environment. It’s the perfect place to dig in and get to the hard work of reinventing myself.

Despite it’s billing as such, What Color Is Your Parachute? 2013 is less about finding a good job and more about me finding myself. I’m at Starbucks today, especially this particular store on East 7th Street in Charlotte, because I  need to limit my distractions. I think this store’s minimalist decor is just the setting to inspire the needed focus for me to curate petal 1 of Bolles’ “Flower,” a.k.a. the “I am a person who knows…” petal.

My drink is a Tall Pike with Soy. I’m plugged into my shuffled “Perspective” playlist on Spotify. Now it’s time to sort places the things/idea of of which I know the most into two lists: Not interesting and Very Interesting.

UPDATE 5:31 pm: 

I’m at home now and I’m glad to tell you that everything about my time at Starbucks was awesome. Starbucks did what they always do in terms of good customer service and what really made this day good was that I plugged into Bolles and really and loved it. So far it seems to be a great read for anyone who wants to prepare for that next career move by figuring out who they are professionally.

Petal 1 of my self-assessment is proceeding very deliberately and is about halfway done. But I don’t care about the slow pace because this meaningful work has helped me appreciate my value so much more already.


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