Welcome to Kickass Content, owned and operated by King of Content and all around marketing strategist, Joe Margolis.

Kickass Content is intended to be a place to share ideas for telling a better story of you, a story that kicks so much ass that tons people can’t help but follow you and pay you money. I really want this to be a helpful resource for anybody seeking to cut the crap and create donkey-kicking content.

In my own little world, my ideas are the greatest. But at Kickass Content we’re always open to agree to disagree. Right? The most important aspect of this blog is that it’s open to anyone, you included, who wants to kick ass at marketing online. So please comment your feedback on my posts and I promise to consistently respond. Above all, I’m glad to take your suggestions on how make this a more valuable experience for every one. My only motto: Nothing is off limits as long as it’s legal and/or apologize later.

Take your pick and go!

See you on the other side,
Joe Margolis


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